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Muskocel - Reducing Slimming Mud € 48,00

Muskocel - Reducing Slimming Mud

COD.ART. 1011

PACKING 500 ml - 16.8 fl. oz

CATEGORY Treatments

New generation emulsion mud with “professional” results,practical and dense, spreads like a cream and acts likemud, favours remodelling and the reduction of blemishescaused by localised adiposity.

In a single gesture:-Decreases the excess liquids-Activates slimming*-The skin already acquires tone and compactness from the first applications-Acts as a poultice and conveys the active principlesin depth-The skin is softer and more velvety-It is non-soiling and easy to rinse-The creamy texture facilitates self-massage

How it works:the Drosera is a carnivorous plant capable ofactivating slimming* and reducing the size of theadipocytes. Muskocell combines its action againstskin imperfections caused by cellulite with a slimmingand remodelling action provided by the exclusiveplant complex based on: Drosera Ramnetacea, RedVine, Escin, Capsicum, Caffeine, Fucus Vesiculosus,Centella Asiatica and Ivy. The high concentrationof slimming active ingredients (10%) makes it aseffective as the treatments carried out in spasand wellness centers: after application the skin issmoother, more compact and tonic.

How to use:Spread Emulsion Mud on the areas to be treated(thighs, buttocks, abdomen) and leave for 40minutes. For an enhanced effect, wrap the treatedparts with a transparent film after spreading themud. At the end, rinse under running water.Use the mud once or twice a week or more frequentlyfor an intensive treatment.

The heat effect that is felt after application, anindication of the product’s activity, is subjectiveand in some cases can persist for a few hours. It isrecommended that you use the product for at least3 weeks, while associating it to a healthy diet anda good level of physical activity in order to optimizeits effect.The treatment may be repeated several times duringthe year.

*The slimming consists in a cosmetic remodellingaction that does not involve weight loss. Request information
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