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Every product sold by to a buyer "consumer" is assisted by the legal warranty on consumer goods, which covers lack of conformity becomes apparent within two years from the date of delivery.

The legal guarantee protecting the well by his lack of conformity with the contract of sale. In addition to the legal guarantee, which is held towards consumers only when it operates as a seller, the purchased products are also accompanied by another form of guarantee, that "commercial" or "conventional", offered directly by the producer, which lays down the conditions of application and also the duration.

In relation to some products, may also be more current forms of insurance or other assistance, for a fee, which allow you to obtain repair or replacement, in case of its damage. These covers are additional and do not replace the legal guarantee of conformity, which always works for the law.

Keep in mind that does not determine the conditions of application of safeguards conventional manufacturer or any other person or the various business strategies implemented by these entities. Moreover, is not in any way responsible for the performance of the obligations contained in the terms and conditions of the standard warranty to third parties.

Products sold by to a buyer not "consumers" but "professional" are not covered by the legal guarantee of conformity, but only by the commercial guarantee the producer, or the third, if any.

To exercise your warranty rights and assistance you'll want to keep a copy of the receipt of purchase.

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